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Honours Students (2023/24)

Fergus Dalton

For his honours thesis, Fergus is examining how exposure to ChatGPT impacts students' perceptions of their future career prospects.

Raman Heer

Raman is exploring people's beliefs about mindfulness meditation, and how these beliefs might moderate effects of mindfulness on outcomes like memory and stress.

Jamie McKenzie

Jamie is interested in experiences of flow, especially among athletes. He is investigating how trait and state flow are related to beliefs about willpower as non-limited.

Emily Whittaker

For her honours research, Emily is conducting a replication study to determine the role of feedback on self-control performance.

Volunteer Research Assistants &
Directed Study Students
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Sidney Hoolsema


Kiana Birkinshaw

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Nichaela Jacob

Mikayah Chadsey

Jenna Kerr


Leo Nguyen

Past Honours and Directed Study Students
  • Madelyn Balough (Honours, 2022/23), How Timing of Disclosure Impacts Perceptions of those with Mental Illness in the Workplace

  • Jane Beimers (Honours, 2022/23), Exploring the Influence of Empathy and Social Circles on Friendships with People with Disabilities

  • Muskan Manhas (Honours, 2022/23), Perceived Power’s Impact on Sense of Control & Well-being Within Romantic Relationships

  • Shiloh Sim (Directed Study, Fall 2022), What does Reddit Say? Self-Regulation Strategies in Goal-Focused Online Communities

  • Varshaa Kashyap (Honours, 2021/2022), Predictors of Belief in Intergenerational Friendship

  • Jasleen Rakkar (Honours, 2021/2022), Positive Expectancy and Mindful Meditation

  • Fergus Dalton (Directed Study, Winter 2022), Awe Man! Failed Replication of Stellar et al. (2018) [CREP OSF]

  • Amanda LaBoucane (Directed Study, Winter 2022), A Large, Multisite Test of Self-Administered Mindfulness [OSF]

  • Jordan McEvoy (Directed Study, Fall 2020), Mind-wandering while reading easy and difficult texts: Replication and Extension [CREP OSF]

More Lab Alumni
  • Kira Tivy

  • Kayla Kinsmen

  • Amelia Goertzen

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