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Honours Students (2022/23)

Madelyn Balogh

Maddy's honours thesis examines how the timing of mental illness disclosure affects perceptions of workplace competence and trust.

Jane Beimers  

Jane's honours thesis investigates how disabilities are perceived online, and how mentions of disability affects interest in forming friendships.

Muskan Manhas

Muskan is conducting her honours thesis on the role of perceived power in the context of romantic relationship conflict.

Volunteer Research Assistants &
Directed Study Students
Komal Picture .jpg

Komal Chauhan

Mikayah Chadsey

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Sidney Hoolsema

Amelia Goertzen

Jenna Kerr


Fergus Dalton

Raman Heer


Shiloh Sim


Nichaela Jacob


Kiana Birkinshaw

Lab Alumni - Project Students
  • Varshaa Kashyap (Honours, 2021/2022), Predictors of Belief in Intergenerational Friendship

  • Jasleen Rakkar (Honours, 2021/2022), Positive Expectancy and Mindful Meditation

  • Fergus Dalton (Directed Study, 2022), Awe Man! Failed Replication of Stellar et al. (2018) [CREP OSF]

  • Amanda LaBoucane (Directed Study, 2022), A Large, Multisite Test of Self-Administered Mindfulness [OSF]

  • Jordan McEvoy (Directed Study, 2020), Mind-wandering while reading easy and difficult texts: Replication and Extension [CREP OSF]

Lab Alumni - Volunteers
  • Kayla Kinsmen

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