Directed Study & Honours Projects

If you are a UFV student who is interested in gaining research experience, please send me an email with the following application attached:

Research Application Form

Available opportunities fluctuate across the course of the year. I am currently accepting honours students for the 2021/2022 year, as well as directed study students and research volunteers for Fall 2021.


Important! Note that course outlines change from year to year, from one section to another, and depending on the format of the course (e.g., online or in-person). The sample syllabuses are examples from previous years, provided only for general information. Always refer to the official Course Outlines available in Blackboard/MyClass for any course that you are enrolled in.

Introduction to Psychology I (PSYC 101) - Sample Syllabus (Online Semester)

Applied Statistical Analyses in Psychology (PSYC 110) - Sample Syllabus (Online Semester)

Psychology of Health (PSYC 343)

Previously Taught

Special Topics: Mindsets and Lay Theories (PSY D15 at UTSC) - Sample Syllabus