Directed Study & Honours Projects

If you are a UFV student who is interested in gaining research experience, please send me an email with the following application attached:

Research Application Form

Available opportunities fluctuate across the course of the year. Directed study projects or volunteering opportunities are available for the 2021/2022 year. I will be accepting honours students for 2022/2023.


Important! Note that course outlines change from year to year, from one section to another, and depending on the format of the course (e.g., online or in-person). The sample syllabuses are examples from previous years, provided only for general information. Always refer to the official Course Outlines available in Blackboard/MyClass for any course that you are enrolled in.

Introduction to Psychology I (PSYC 101) - Sample Syllabus (Online Semester)

Applied Statistical Analyses in Psychology (PSYC 110) - Sample Syllabus (Online Semester)

Psychology of Health (PSYC 343) - Sample Syllabus

Previously Taught

Special Topics: Mindsets and Lay Theories (PSY D15 at UTSC) - Sample Syllabus