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Note: Course outlines change from year to year, from one section to another, and based on the format of the course (e.g., online vs. in-person). The sample syllabuses are provided only for general information. Always refer to the official Course Outlines available in MyClass for any course that you are enrolled in.

Introduction to Psychology I (PSYC 101) - Sample Syllabus (Online Semester)

Applied Statistical Analyses in Psychology (PSYC 110) - Sample Syllabus (Hybrid Semester)

Psychology of Health (PSYC 343) - Sample Syllabus

Political Psychology (PSYC 368) - Sample Syllabus

Moral Psychology (PSYC 491Z) - Sample Syllabus - Winter 2024 Draft

Previously Taught

Special Topics: Mindsets and Lay Theories (PSY D15 at UTSC) - Sample Syllabus

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