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❤️: Social support, empathy, friendship

😴: Task-based depletion

💭: Lay beliefs

🎓: Goal pursuit

🎯: Replication

Francis, Z., Weidmann, R., Bühler, J., Burriss, R., Wünsche, J., Grob, A., & Job, V. (in press). My willpower beliefs and yours: Investigating dyadic associations between willpower beliefs, social support, and relationship satisfaction in couples. European Journal of Personality.❤️💭


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Note. See for article correction.


Kashyap, V., & Francis, Z. (2023). Who believes in cross-age friendship? Predictors of the Belief in Intergenerational Friendship Scale in young adults. Journal of Aging Studies. [PDF] ❤️💭


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Francis, Z., Jebanesan, A., & Inzlicht, M. (2022). Leading us unto temptation? No evidence for an automatic asymmetrical association between goals and temptations. Collabra: Psychology, 8(1). [Link to PDF] 🎓🎯

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Collectively Authored Publications

Googeveen, S., Sarafoglou, A., Aczel, A., Aditya, Y., Alayan, A.J.,…Francis, Z., …Zarzeczna, N., Zhao, Y., Zijlmans, J., van Elk, M., & Wagenmakers, E. (2022). A many analysts approach to the relation between religiosity and well-being. Religion, Brain, & Behavior. [Link to PDF]


Tierney, W., Hardy, J., Ebersole, C.R., Viganola, D., Clemente, E.G., Gordon, M., Hoogeveen, S., Haaf, J., Almenberg, A.D., Johannesson, M., Pfeiffer, T., Vaughn, L., DeMarree, K., Igou, E., Chapman, H., Gantman, A., Vanaman, M., Wylie, J., Storbeck, J., Andreychik., M. R., McOhetres, J., Culture & Work Morality Forecasting Collaboration*, & Uhlmann, E., L. (2021). A creative destruction approach to replication: Implicit work and sex morality across cultures. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 93,104060. [Link to PDF] 🎯
* Authorship as member of the Culture & Work Morality Forecasting Collaboration

Hagger, M. S., Chatzisarantis, N.L.D., Alberts, H., Anggono, C.O., Batailler, C., Birt, A., Brand, R., Brandt, M.J., Brewer, G., Bruyneel, S., Calvillo, D.P., Campbell, W.K., Cannon, P.R., Carlucci, M., Carruth, N., Cheung, T., Crowell, A., De Ridder, D.T.D., Dewitte, S., Elson, M., Evans, J.R., Fay, B.A., Fennis, B.M., Finley, A., Francis, Z., Heise, E., Hoemann, H., Inzlicht, M., Koole, S.L., Koppel, L., Kroese, F., Lange, F., Lau, K., Lynch, B.P., Martijn, C., Merckelbach, H., Mills, N.V., Miyake, A., Mosser, A.E., Muise, M., Muller, D., Muzi, M., Nalis, D., Nurwanti, R., Otgaar, H., Philipp, M., Primoceri, P., Rentzsch, K., Ringos, L., Schlinkert, C., Schmeichel, B.J., Schoch, S.F., Schrama, M., Schütz, A., Stamos, A., Tinghög, G., Ullrich, J., vanDellen, M., Wimbarti, S., Wolff, W. Yusainy, C., Zerhouni, O., Zweinenberg, M. (2016). Does ego-depletion exist? Multiple high-powered replications of the resource-depletion effect. Perspectives in Psychological Science, 11(4), 546-573. [PDF] 🎯😴

* Contributing authors are in alphabetical order.

Forthcoming Manuscripts

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