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Research Coverage in Popular Press

Dolan, E. (2020, November 13). New psychology study sheds light on how willpower beliefs can influence romantic relationships. PsyPost.

Dolan, E. (2020, January 28). Believing willpower is limited is linked to a reduced willingness to provide support to romantic partners. PsyPost.


Dhaliwal, A. (2020, December 3). The psychological toll of COVID-19. The Cascade (UFV’s Student Newspaper).

European Journal of Personality Blog. (2020, September 25). A conversation with Zoë Francis.

ATTN Media. (2019, March). Why we feel tired from working all day.

Smyth, A., Milyavskaya, M., Werner, K. M., Anderson, J. E., Francis, Z., Friese, M., Inzlicht, M., Kolbuszewska, M., & Wang, K. (2023). What constitutes successful goal pursuit? Exploring the relation between subjective and objective measures of goal progress and attainment. Personality Science. [Link to PDF] 🎓

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